Friday, April 12, 2013

Lizard In A Lady's Skin

Like a cactus shellac on a pterodactyl's back 
a photosynthesizing plastic hind-leg rising tactic from a uromastyx 
the New Ronson pipe sipped by Shelly Johnson with the Leo Johnson 
chipe, it's on son 
and the shackles 
and the sacks of giggles

 lizard in a lady's skin a breeze away no need to feed the animals 
we kick it with the cannibals 
lizard in a lady's skin 

 your meat smells like cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese
 your meat smells like cheese. cheese, cheese 

 baba baba gosha
 baba baba gosha 

 I wonder if we wander just to watch our shadows doubtful 
mirror line mime in motion inscribed with strife for a lifetime 
like knife the the heinz,it all rolls back to incompetent design 
it all rolls back door cause I'm anxious
 bit by bit by bit and streaming live from spaceships 

 trippin slippery thinking bout why consciousness always freezes into groups 
so i swoop down the towers of you and crush through rush hour traffic 
laugh to myself and bask in the city's silence

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

gifs are especially great for their ability to highlight the subtleties in life that we'd otherwise never be aware of. Like those snakes in the wheel, for example.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Banks For Sale Part 1 (Part 2)

Time is a force which weathers the world, crushing bone and turning flesh to leather. It passes, and I make better the song Banks For Sale, and along the way comes its big sister Banks For Free, which I am still working on. So walk with me, if you will. I have ten dollars and no feet. And that is ok.