Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today saw the [ever tentative] completion of CORNERSTONE, an epic Severance track built as a sequel/remix to the ground-breaking party anthem Corner Store. Expect a third entry in this series, Stonercore, to be released soon. On that note, happy belated holiday to 4.20 enthusiasts!

I'm uploading a mushroom-related picture nicked from wikipedia's archives to celebrate our recently received shipments of cordyceps extract and dried reishi. These are some of the best natural health enhancers around; we highly recommend adding some medicinal mushrooms to your daily diet!


  1. This song is bumpin'! Really love the Ernst Haeckel shrooms too. His art is fantastic, I kind of want a tattoo of one of his scientific drawings. I am looking forward to StonerCore very much. I am also rewatching Breaking Bad and being nostalgic.

  2. I still think the raven's skull tattoo would be sick