Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dominance in Hand

The dominant hand becomes the focal point of active thought, when work is to be done. It anchors the body around its action potential. We encounter a tool and the muscles in that hand tense, instinctively recognizing their potential for use in interaction with the thing. The non-dominant hand is more relaxed. It is aware that it may need to help out in some way, but its ability to interact with the object is underdeveloped, and it can remain calm in its own ineptitude.

Henceforth I will refer to the dominant hand as Dominic, and the non-dominant hand as Jim. Dominic is a real go-getter. He's perpetually high-strung, and quick to clench at a moment's tension. He is also highly intelligent, having been trained for a life of constant observation and reaction. He sees where we are going, sometimes better than our eyes do. When darkness makes it impossible for us to comprehend our surroundings, he is there to literally grasp them, reaching out bravely into the unknown. He also speaks when our mouths need assistance, echoing with particular strength our hellos and goodbyes, which are rife with gesture. Dominic is the king of gesture, unless society demands that Jim be used in his place (I am thinking mostly of a left-handed person forced to always take part in right-handshakes).

Jim is Dominic's lazy twin brother. He is less reliable and less outgoing, but a diligent worker all the same when his powers are invoked. He is often tasked as a counterpart to his brother in activities requiring their teamwork (typing, piano, etc). He also fills in for him when Dominic is busy performing a more prominent task. For instance, Dom might be writing with a felt pen while Jim scratches your nose. He performs these duties well, and indeed he leads a busy life. I consider Jim a dear friend, and I shun the idea that he is a strictly "inferior" member of the team. Sure, he is less able to act on his own accord, but his role is an important one, and we should appreciate the zen-like life he leads behind the scenes.

A word to the ambidextrous - your world is unknowable to me, but it is one of immaculate beauty. Be thankful! You have a regular socialist utopia on the ends of your arms. You have somehow managed an even division of labor, of focus, and of stress between these two incredibly versatile pieces of your self, and I consider you blessed.

A word to the handless - RESPECT. You've clearly been listening to a lot of Boxus.

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  1. You are a master of words. As Dom is a master of gestures.